Todeschini Cucine


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Todeschini Kitchen solutions.
We develop every single detail of your kitchen from over 60 years

Simplicity, clarity, rigors, quality of materials and customization are some of our core concepts. Todeschini conjugates the Italian craft tradition culture with an agile technological know-how. The result are custom made kitchens that are curated in every single detail, designed in a sartorial way on the base of the client’s needs. From the project to the installation, Todeschini’ offers a high technological profile product that matches an accurate choice of the materials with perfect manufacturing processes. Our team is glad to meet you to define every detail of your kitchen[suspense_image_boxes image1=”” heading1=”tailored cut” content1=”Our kitchens are made sartorially in every single detail. We define and realize them on the basis of real needs and wishes of the client” link1=”” image2=”” heading2=”technological know-how” content2=”The technological expertise of our company assures high quality manufacturing processes and enables customization in every detail” link2=”” image3=”” heading3=”attention to details” content3=”Details are the result of innovative and flexible manufacturing processes, and they are designed to enhance the project of your kitchen and its functional and material aspects” link3=”” image4=”” heading4=”craftsmanship” content4=”Products that match an accurate choice of the materials with a perfect manufacturing processes, gained over sixty years of experience” link4=””]