Todeschini Cucine


the starting point

Talking about the structure or the doors finishing, find the perfect top or the interior accessories, we are able to reach any result based on clients needs.


the starting point

We offers a wide selection of solid and veneered wood. We prefer to offer to our customers national essences from controlled and certified sources, available on site, whose supplying is not imposed on communities and natural forests with a high conservation value. The wood comes mainly from northern Italy and is seasoned in factories close to the company.


elegance on top

We offers a wide range of natural stone for kitchen tops. Marble, prized for the aesthetic quality and brightness, limestone rocks that are a result of dynamic metamorphism contact or have assumed a crystalline structure to granular texture. The marbles, ranging from white Carrara marble to red veronese, must be maintained over time with water-repellent treatments.


shades of colours

This technique of lacquering is universally recognized as the most refined and brilliant. The use of this type of lacquering process involves a high manufacturing accuracy. The polyester paint is applied directly on the wood in layers varying from six to eight coats of solid color. Subsequently, the steps of sanding and polishing (brushing) involve the use of sandpaper and abrasive pastes of variable grain.


the power of research

The concrete resin allows to have smooth surfaces, resistant to humidity and chemical aggression. It can be settled as a thin layer and with a wide choice of decorative effects such as rugosity,