Todeschini Cucine


shades of colours

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This technique of lacquering is universally recognized as the most refined and brilliant. The use of this type of lacquering process involves a high manufacturing accuracy. The polyester paint is applied directly on the wood in layers varying from six to eight coats of solid color. Subsequently, the steps of sanding and polishing (brushing) involve the use of sandpaper and abrasive pastes of variable grain. The matt lacquer is applied on the same base used for the gloss. On this basis is applied a coat of matt lacquer paint. The application of a double layer of opaque paint is necessary for the proper outcrop of micro-particles that lead to the creation of a layer of uniform and deep opaque paint, silky to the touch and with a good surface resistance. This type of finish mimics the visual characteristics of Corian, and is often used in creating monomaterial kitchens.