Todeschini Cucine

The ancient meets the contemporary


The kitchen is located in a charming historic building from the mid-nineteenth century. The designers chose to enhance the particular environment with the frescoed walls, occupying the central space instead of developing the kitchen on the perimeter.

The kitchen consists of three autonomous volumes that interact with each other. The hobs, the downdraft hood and the sink are located in two islands, while the third is a storage unit with retractable doors and integrated lighting. The third unit stands out for a glossy polyester lacquered finish and the use of oak that warms up the kitchen environment. The islands are characterized by a stainless steel top where the sink is welded: the design of this kitchen is very rigorous, yet harmonious.





Detail of the hob in satin stainless steel with downdraft hood and Gaggenau burners



Detail of stainless steel sink with satin finish welded to the top






The three islands in the historical context



Detail of the front hobs



Storage unit with glossy lacquered doors and oak interior